Monday, June 18, 2018
  1. Once the call for applications is closed, home universities will be able to evaluate the dossiers of the candidates from their home institutions according to defined eligibility criteria.


  1. The selection criteria established within the MEDEA project by host HEI: 
    1. Quality of the application (clearly defined goals and expected outcomes, expected impact,  methodology, fitness for the project’s objectives, schedule, …),
    2. Motivation (motivation letter has to be written in English),
    3. In case of Doctoral student, Postdoc and Staff  invitation letter from the Host university will be given a preference,
    4. Qualifications (academic, competences,  …),
    5. Language skills, (a proof of level and/or interview will be mandatory)
    6. Impact and relevance for the country (specially in research activities, Doctoral student and postdoc and mobilities) of home University.
    7. Sustainability (specially in the case of academic/administrative staff mobilities)

Evaluation will be assessed giving a score ranges from 1 to 5 but weighting the different criteria (the final weighting will be decided by the consortium in the first project management meeting). In the case of Doctoral students, priority will be given to students that have received a supervision acceptance letter by a professor of the corresponding host institution.



  With the support of the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Union
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